How Flow Employees Beat Burnout

By Jacqueline Lezette Curran

How Flow Employees Beat Burnout

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With all the stress in our lives, burnout is a hot topic. To help combat this problem, we asked Flow employees their tips for beating burnout.

“I start the week off with a Monday evening workout, usually Orange Theory.  Helps burn off bad Monday energy!”

Senior Brand Manager


“I get up every other day at 5am for a fast & furious 30 minute full body workout. Mornings are such a peaceful time of the day. Plus I have a 2 year old son so 5am is pretty much my only chance to have a few minutes to myself.”

Field Marketing Manager


“Wine and time with my dogs :)”

Senior Graphic Designer


“I bike or walk 3km to work every day without a phone in hand.”

Creative Services Manager


“I make gratitude lists of small things I’m grateful for, or journal before I go to sleep. Taking this time for myself and putting it down on paper helps me appreciate the things I’m lucky to have.”

Field Marketing Manager

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