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4 Tips for Feeling Merry and Bright Post-Holiday Party

4 Tips for Feeling Merry and Bright Post-Holiday Party

Flow Alkaline Spring Water Original

'Tis the season for holiday spirits, and not-so-holly-jolly hangovers. We've compiled some evidence-based tips for avoiding that always-dreaded post-party hangover.

1. Stick to low-congener drinks, like vodka, gin, and rum. Whiskey and tequila—you’re on the Naughty List this year.

2. Eat a nutritious breakfast to restore blood sugar levels. Good news: Late-night meals will also help!

3. Fight your hangover with medicinal herbs like red ginseng, ginger, and prickly pear.

4. Avoid symptoms like thirst, fatigue, headaches, and dizziness by drinking 16 fl oz (or almost 500 mL) between each alcoholic drink. Click here to stock up on Flow this holiday season and kiss that holiday hangover goodbye. 

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