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12 pack of 1L

Experience water the way nature intended. Flow water emerges from our springs alkaline (pH ±8.1), with naturally-occurring electrolytes and minerals that give it a pure, refreshing taste. And since it comes in 100% recyclable and renewable packaging, you can quench your thirst for a healthier planet, too.

  • 100% naturally alkaline spring water (pH ±8.1)
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Pure, refreshing taste

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Enriched with electrolytes and minerals. * Naturally alkaline. * Eco-friendly packaging. * Enriched with electrolytes and minerals.


100% naturally alkaline spring water (pH ±8.1)
100% recyclable and mostly plant-based renewable packaging
Pure, refreshing taste
Naturally-occuring minerals and electrolytes

Water from nature.

Our water is sourced from two artesian springs. It’s naturally alkaline (pH ±8.1) and rich in electrolytes and minerals. We protect the environment to make sure it stays that way.

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Packaging for nature.

High-quality water deserves high-quality packaging. Flow’s responsibly-sourced paperboard container is sealed with a plant-based cap. The eco-friendly packaging is 100% recyclable and 68-75% renewable.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 306 reviews
stephanie g.
Best water

People always tell me water is water but I disagree. And after drinking Flow water I know I'm right, I don't know if it's the box aspect or just the water itself, but it definitely has a different taste that's totally refreshing. Love it.

Helen W.
Great Product and Great Service

I love the water and are very unhappy if I drink it all before the next shipment. Feels like its getting popular and others in the household are swiping it!

Ted F.
Why does this water taste so much better? AND, I’d like a bit more transparency!

My wife and I discovered this water on a cruise in the Middle East, where we got a large order of 1L bottles delivered to our room. I really couldn’t believe how much better this water tasted than what we are used to drinking. My wife agreed. I got online during the trip and placed our first of several orders so far, and when we got back home, there were 48 1L-bottles waiting for us on our porch!

I would, however, like more company transparency about the present limitations of recycling these containers, and an accurate map of where there are current recycle centers for these containers. Recycling these containers is not as simple or ubiquitous as the website would lead a prospective customer to believe.

I would also like a better explanation of why the alkalinity of this product is better than other well-sourced but less alkaline water. With the company’s newer products alluding to health benefits, but without actually mentioning or following up on any of these benefits in a meaningful way, I would strongly suggest the company provide links to much more robust and factual health-related information supporting the implied claims and advertising fluff associated with these products. I am not against these products; but I do think that better (to be kind) factual support is needed for prospective consumers to judge the company’s claims for themselves. The investigative depth, sourcing, and peer-reviewed status of such supportive information will almost certainly help logical people come to their own personal and logical conclusions about the putative benefits of your products.

I very respectfully submit this review to help curious prospective customers, while also trying to help Flow improve their products and their online product presentations!

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