A new way to flow.

Your body needs at least 3 liters of water a day to function optimally but most of us fall short. Flow’s organic flavors were designed with drinkability in mind, to inspire you to achieve your hydration goals and give your body more of what it needs.

Discover pure, clean taste, with all the healthful minerals, alkalinity and electrolytes of original Flow. No sugar, no juice, no calories, no preservatives and no GMOs. It’s liquid positivity.

Hit refresh with cucumber + mint

Sip your way to a better day. Our
blend of organic cucumber + mint
can help you get back to your brilliant
self and give you that gorgeous glow.
When life gets busy, hit the reset
button and treat yourself to a little

Ignite your day with lemon + ginger

Jump-start your morning or break
through that afternoon brain fog with
our blend of organic lemon + ginger.
It’ll supercharge your energy and naturally
fuel your active lifestyle, so you can tackle
your to-do list with positivity.

Get new Flow organic flavors delivered to your doorstep.