Set a new intention for the month ahead.

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Set a new intention for the month ahead.

Many of us set goals to help us accomplish tasks and get things done. Whether it’s reaching a career milestone or simply doing this week’s laundry, setting and achieving goals — big and small — gives us our lives a sense of purpose.

But attempting to tick off tasks from a to-do list can be daunting. Moreover, this way of thinking tends to make us focus on the things we haven’t done yet, instead of focusing on how we want to feel.

This month, resolve to do things a little differently. March is the homestretch before spring’s long-awaited arrival on the 20th, and the perfect time to set a new intention as you look towards a new season. Here’s how.

Set your intention

Setting an intention isn’t just about figuring out what you want to do; it’s about cultivating a more positive mindset so that you can approach life’s challenges in a better way. For example, if your goal is to “reduce stress,” your intention might be something like, “I choose to remain calm in life’s busy moments.” Whatever it is, make sure your intention is positive and focused on the present. Don’t just think about what you’d like to accomplish, but also the kind of mindset you want to cultivate.

Here are two intentions to inspire you this month:

  • I choose to feel energized and empowered to tackle any challenge with positivity.
  • I choose to allow peace into my day and be mindful of simple moments.

Start small

After you’ve set your intentions, think of small things you can do to help support them. If your intention is to feel more energized and positive, try small but easy changes, like going for a 15-minute walk each each day, repeating an uplifting affirmation each morning, or sipping organic lemon + ginger alkaline spring water when you need a little extra boost.

If your intention is to feel refreshed and calm, try turning off your phone for a few hours each day, create a new nighttime routine that helps you relax, or treat yourself to an organic cucumber + mint alkaline spring water when you need a little self-care. The point is, living your intentions doesn’t have to be difficult or overwhelming. Taking baby steps towards supporting your intentions will allow them to flow more effortlessly.


Focusing your energy on an intention takes work. There will be days where you feel like a failure — and that’s OK. When you find yourself straying from your intentions or reacting in ways that are counterproductive, breathe deeply and reset. Here’s where meditation can help. Focus on your breath in and out, until you refocus on your intention and get back on track. Meditation is the foundation of intentions; you won’t live through and support your intentions every single moment of every day, but it willget easier to gently bring yourself back to your intentions the more you practice


Too often we focus on what the things that are lacking instead of taking time look back and celebrate our achievements. When we set a new intention, it’s easy to get caught in our old ways of needing to “get it right.” But intentions aren’t about rigidity or perfectionism. They’re about shifting your mindset so you can live more positively day to day. Celebrating all the big and little successes you’ve had throughout the month is a great way to move forward and keep the momentum going. Soon, you’ll notice how your intentions have created something great in your life.

Flow with intention

Whatever your intentions are, give this month purpose and aim to live through your intention each day. Focus on what you love and what you want more of in your life, and embrace the things that will make you feel centered and at peace. Setting your intention can help you stay on track towards living a life that is meaningful to you. You may find you’re more productive; but more importantly, you might be happier and more fulfilled.

What are you doing to prepare for spring? We challenge you to make your own monthly intentions for the season ahead.

Let us know what they are at @Flow.

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