Prevent the hangover:
+ Alkaline pH of 8.1 = acidity in check.
(psst–that glass of champs is acidic)
+ Electrolytes, whew.
+ No Sugars. No Calories, thx.



We believe all choices have a ripple effect. And the water you choose to gulp can be a wave of positivity. Here’s why:

  • Naturally alkaline spring water (pH 8.1)
  • Pure taste
  • Eco-friendly pack

let it flow.

Weatherproof your wellness from the inside out with alkaline spring water delivered to your door.

Packaged for Positivity.

Proudly Canadian.
At the source.
Natural electrolytes & minerals.
No additives.
100% Recyclable
Nearly 70% Renewable.
Non-PET. BPA-free.
Fully good.


Our water comes from our family-owned artesian spring in Bruce County, Ontario, Canada. It’s a quiet place largely untouched by man or machine, with a mission to keep impacts to a minimum and purity to the max.

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