designed for drinkability.

Flow’s delicious flavors help you achieve your hydration goals while preserving the health benefits of alkaline spring water.

Each organic flavor is derived from two plant-based ingredients infused into the water. The unique combinations are created from a pure blend of essential oils, essences, and extracts of organic fruits, vegetables, and botanicals all while maintaining the quality of the water and the minerals that make it alkaline. No sugars, no juice, no calories, no preservatives, no GMOs. Yes!

Flow original

Drink positive. Naturally alkaline spring water with a pH of 8.1.

lemon + ginger

Your morning boost without caffeine to supercharge your day.

cucumber + mint

A daily dose of self-care. You deserve it.

strawberry + rose

A little somethin’ for self-love. Hydration with benefits. 😉

watermelon + lime

Fuze your hydration with focus.