Flow with intention.

Here's why everyone is buzzing about our NEW organic flavors.

Derived from essential oils, essences and extracts of organic fruits, vegetables and botanicals, our flavored waters contain NO sugar, NO sweeteners, NO juice, NO calories and NO GMOs. YES!

Designed to be deliciously drinkable, their light, fresh taste is inspired by the best spa and detox water recipes in the world. Each organic flavor comes from just 2 plant-based ingredients while, still maintaining the quality of the water and the minerals that make it alkaline. That means Flow helps you to give your body more of what it needs to look and feel amazing. Our unique flavor combinations will inspire you to stay hydrated throughout your busy day.

Living the life you want is as easy as setting an intention and flowing with it.

balance your body with original Flow

People are hooked on how good it makes them feel and how easy it is to get their daily water intake. It naturally contains healthy minerals like calcium, bicarbonate and magnesium which give it electrolytes and an alkaline pH of 8.1.

hit refresh with cucumber + mint

Get back to your brilliant self when you’re dragging your butt at 4pm. It’s like a little dose of self-care when life gets super busy.

ignite your day with lemon + ginger

Jump-start your morning or break through that afternoon brain fog with organic lemon + ginger. It’ll supercharge your energy without the caffeine crash.

feel renewed with watermelon + lime

Reach for it when you need to get your focus back. Nothing gets you inspired like healthy, alkaline hydration and the uplifting flavor of watermelon + lime.

love yourself with strawberry + rose

Hello, gorgeous. Pamper yourself with our frisky blend of organic strawberry + rose — no apologies necessary. It’s hydration with benefits. 😉