Climate protection and carbon footprint reduction.

When companies talk about “carbon footprint” they’re referring to the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that they cause. Flow significantly lowers its carbon footprint with our packaging, renewable energy use, efficient processes, and the purchase of carbon offsets that fund the removal of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. Flow is an operating carbon neutral and will continue to work toward being carbon negative by 2025.

Flow at a glance.

  • Flow’s operational emissions in 2020: ca. 2K tonnes of CO2 last year.

  • Flow used a combination of 100% renewable energy acquisition and high-quality carbon offsets to achieve operational carbon neutrality—covering our facilities, shipping, fuel usage, and travel.

  • Flow sourced high quality carbon offsets from The Gold Standard®, supporting projects in renewable energy, water sanitation, and waste management.

Flow’s climate protection efforts in 2020

From 2019 to date, Flow's customers have helped avoid the equivalent of 1,430,000kgs of plastic/9458 tons of CO2 from entering the environment. In 2020 alone Flow offset 2800 tons of CO2 which is the equivalent of...

Greenhouse gas emissions from:

  • 609

    Passenger vehicles driven for one year.

  • 7,036,954

    Miles driven by an average passenger vehicle.

CO2 emissions from:

  • 315,067

    Gallons of gasoline consumed.

  • 340,599,410

    Smartphones charged.

  • 3,094,794

    Pounds of coal burned.

  • 509

    Homes' electricity use for one year.

Greenhouse gas emissions avoided by:

  • 106,123

    Incandescent lamps switched to LEDs.

  • 0.583

    Wind turbines running for a year.

  • 119,139

    trash bags of waste recycled instead of landfilled.