A more sustainable package.

Water that’s kinder to your body deserves packaging that’s kinder to the planet. Made from mostly renewable, plant-based materials, our eco-friendly packaging is 68-75% renewable and recyclable. And we aren’t stopping there. Our ultimate goal is to have packages made from 100% renewable materials.

How do we compare?

  • Plastic bottles.

    Plastic bottles are a huge environmental polluter. They require a large amount of water and oil to produce, are inefficient to transport and can break down over time to further contaminate our eco-systems.

  • Aluminum.

    Aluminum is produced by open-pit mining leading to biodiversity loss, habitat loss, carbon emissions, and erosion.

  • Glass bottles.

    Glass bottles have a high carbon footprint to make and ship because they are heavy. Producing glass also causes sulfur and nitrogen emissions.

  • Flow packages.

    Flow packs are designed to have a low carbon footprint – 4x lower than plastic, 5x lower than aluminum and 8.5x lower than glass (in gCO2e/liter.)