5 healthy hacks for the Big Game.

By Flow Admin

5 healthy hacks for the Big Game.

For some of us, game day means eating too many chicken wings and yelling at our TV screens. For others, it’s a chance to get together with friends, and enjoy some much-needed downtime during halftime.

But whether you’ve got money riding on the Patriots or you’re just tuning in for Justin Timberlake, let’s admit it – the Big Game will be a big day of overindulgence. Here are 5 ways to be healthy(ish) on game day so you can stay on track for the week ahead.


1) Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

It’s a long day, so don’t forget to hydrate between nachos and beer (if that’s your thing), and match your boozy bevvies with plenty of alkaline spring water. Tackle that thirst by keeping lots of of Flow on hand for yourself and your guests, and you’ll kick off your Monday feeling that much clearer.

2) Offer better options

While wings and pizza are game-day essentials, they’re not the only foods to snack on. Most party foods fall, nutritionally speaking, more than a few yard lines short of the end-zone, but with a few smart substitutions (think: fresh veggies, hummus and guac, sweet potato skins, etc.), it’s not hard to swap in some better-for-you options. And when it come to drinks, don’t assume everyone wants to be guzzling beer or sipping cocktails. Offer non-alcoholic drinks and organic flavoured water so that there’s something for everyone, including your health-conscious pals and designated drivers.

3) Get moving

The players are working hard, so why shouldn’t you? Don’t let your fitness routine go offside just because it’s game day. Get a small workout in in the morning and you’ll feel a lot better about merry-making later on. Feeling particularly festive? Grab some friends for round of touch-football in the afternoon before kick-off — or organize an A.M. yoga session with your squad, if that’s more your speed.

4) Don’t wait all day to eat

Whether you’re hosting bash or attending someone else’s, the last thing you want to do is begin your game-day fiesta feeling starved; that’s a recipe for overeating and ending up super-stuffed. Get plenty of rest, get a workout in and treat yourself to big, healthy brunch before the game starts, so you’ll snack smarter, and not with wild abandon.

5) Give yourself a break

So you ate, drank, and were merry on Sunday. That’s OK. You’re not going to be doing your healthiest eating during the Big Game, so accept that fact and move on. A couple of chicken wings and a half slice of pizza aren’t going to kill you. Re-set on Monday and look forward to getting back into your routine. This year, it’s not about what foods you should avoid, but about having a good time with the people you love.

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