Think positive. Drink positive.

By Flow Admin

Think positive. Drink positive.

Flow is inspired by all of you, striving to be better and mindful that the products you consume can create a wave of positivity.


“Flow” is the mental state we achieve when we are completely immersed in an activity we enjoy that gives us that feeling of energized focus. It’s when we truly experience the moment in happiness.

After my wife read a book called Flow, it inspired us to build our socially responsible water company and movement around being “In the Flow,” in complete and mindful positivity. From the way we source our spring water to the renewable material we use in our package and most importantly, the message we share with each other and the rest of the planet.

We believe in the power of positive thought. We wanted to make that “mindful positivity” our core company value. It’s how we try to live and work as a team and we use it as our guardrails when we make decisions.

The inspiration for Flow came back in 2014 after I attended the annual Burning Man festival in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. It was an inspiring experience, where I was able to immerse myself in the culture of a temporary metropolis dedicated to the arts amongst a conscious sense of community.
Because of the dry, desert environment, Burning Man attendees need to stay very hydrated, and even though the festival’s mandate is to leave nothing behind, the end result was still a mountain of plastic bottles. I knew there had to be a better way – and that’s when I developed the idea for Flow.

I turned to my family’s artesian spring in the quiet woods of Bruce County Ontario, Canada, for the perfect source of alkaline spring water. For years people had been drinking from this spring that provides water full of minerals that provide electrolytes and a high pH. But we knew it was important to protect the source and only package what the land naturally provides. The Flow source is self-sustaining and self-replenishing by rain. Our source will always be protected and never drained. The water travels through subsurfaces as it migrates to a limestone aquifer where it’s kept. Impurities exit along the way and nutritious minerals move in, making for great tasting and healthful water. Water from deep within the spring is minimally treated for bacteria. No additives. No disruption. 100% highest and kindest quality possible.

Flow is committed to the Clean Water Act that specifies the activities we can do to protect the source as determined by studies found by hydrologists. They assess impacts to the natural ecosystem, who uses the groundwater and surface water now, and the integrity of the source itself. We follow their guidance and commit to keep the source as untouched and pure as we can by hiring experts, seeking studies, and monitoring and safeguarding the environment that surrounds.

We work with Tetra Pak on a unique paperboard container for the water that is 100% recyclable and made with up to 70% renewable material. Tetra Pak is a world leader in good packaging. Paperboard is a super material. Its making process uses minimal fossil fuels and energy, sees a very low carbon footprint and considers high care for the planet. The waste reduction is massive. They also work with non-GMO farmers in Brazil to create kinder plastic caps derived from sugarcane (Plant-based plastics require absolutely no fossil fuels).

We recently received B Corp Certification for meeting the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability. And are incredibly proud of that!

We spread positivity as a company by promoting and supporting acts of kindness. This year we found out from a partner that pipes in Winnipeg had frozen over leaving many without water, so we sent 30,000 units of flow to children in need. We also sent a container full of product to Syrian Refugees who had newly arrived in Canada and most recently to Puerto Rico. We want to spread positivity wherever we can. However we can help improve people’s lives.

Since launching Flow I feel more positive in my own life – at home with my family and at work. Flow has taught me to live more in the moment and enjoy myself. I’ve found MY FLOW! Business and being an entrepreneur is my flow. And I love being able to spread positivity. It is contagious!.

With Flow, we know we have the best possible naturally alkaline spring water, in the best possible eco package, but we also really want the company itself to also be a positive force in the world.

Happy New Year everyone!

Here’s to many more positive ripples to come,

– Nicholas

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