5 Ways to Cure the Summertime Blues

By Jacqueline Lezette Curran

5 Ways to Cure the Summertime Blues

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Beach days, spontaneous nights, picturesque sunsets—these are a few of the many reasons summer is the best time of year. For some, however, when the temperature goes up, they start to feel down. From social media envy to financial struggles, your summertime blues can be triggered by so many things. Even something as simple as lack of sleep can bring on that summertime sadness (Lana Del Rey wasn't kidding around). The good news? You can get through it; these are just obstacles. Here are 5 ways to combat the blues and brighten up the rest of your summer. We just want you to live your best life.

1. Manage your expectations. 

Life isn’t perfect, and neither are your plans. Prepare for the worst so you can appreciate the best.

2. Partake in some quiet time.

We get it, your summer is busy. Avoid burnout and that overamped feeling by winding down and enjoying some non-stimulating activities.

3. Get more sleep.

Keep your normal sleep hours by avoiding late nights and early mornings.
We know that the sun can make that difficult. 

TIP: Try adding blackout curtains to your room.

4. Stop social media envy.

NEWSFLASH: Instagram is not reality.
Figure out how to make some summer fun based on your own time and budget.

5. Love yourself.

Remember that you are perfect just the way you are. Every body is a summer body.

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