Camille Dg shares 4 ways to transform yourself for the better.

By Flow Admin

Camille Dg shares 4 ways to transform yourself for the better.

The boho fashion influencer shares her 4 (genius) self-improvement tips.

I’ve been trying, over the past few weeks, to become a new Camille. I want to become an improved version of myself. I’ve always believed it possible to transform ourselves, to grow and evolve regardless of our age. In my case, it starts with the routines. To clarify, I’m a woman who LOVES being active, I like a tidy home, spending time with my friends, smiling at work and feeling in shape.

Does everything always go the way I want it to? No. I’d be lying if I said that every day is a perfect day in paradise; a day where my schedule flows like a tranquil river covered in rose petals (what a pretty and corny image, right?)

I’ll have to fight certain tendencies in order to make all of those things possible. For instance, I tend to procrastinate doing stuff I don’t like when I could actually do them immediately. I tend to enjoy lounging in bed when I wake up even though I know how much better I’ll feel after I go for a run. I tend to waste time on Instagram as I drink my morning coffee despite the fact that I like to be at work by 9AM. When I’m under pressure, I tend to be authoritative, expecting as much from others as I expect from myself, becoming impatient when things don’t go the way I want them to, and losing my smile in the process. I don’t like those things about myself. Not one bit. And yet, it’s easy enough to work on them.

A daily routine is something we create, maintain and adapt to suit our needs. We can make our daily life, and that of the people around us, more enjoyable by tackling one by one any changes we need to make and reminding ourselves of our goals every morning.

Here are the promises I’m making to myself as well as how I plan to keep them. To quote Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”


1. Have an active lifestyle

Being active and move every single day, eating healthy and taking time to relax and spend time with people I love all are very important to me. I need to be very disciplined not to miss a workout because I also love lazy mornings, but it has such a big positive impact on the rest of the day that I always manage to get up and go for a run or a swim.

2. Smile more at work

A workplace is exactly that… it’s a place where we work so it’s only natural to spend a good portion of the day in concentration. At Codmorse, we laugh a lot, we have fun, we’re among friends and that makes such a big difference. Sometimes, when I don’t feel that good, I have to make the conscious effort to smile… and it really helps me feel happier. Try it!

3. Keep my home tidy

Facebook followers of my blog “The Booklet” know that Viv and her accomplices recently “subjected” me to a wardrobe intervention, the result of which is that I parted ways with over 100 items (read more about it HERE). Since then, I’ve kept my home tidy and that includes not only clothing, but also my washrooms and even my bar! Truth be told, I’ve become compulsive about keeping my home tidy; it makes me happy because I feel like I now have more breathing space. I don’t want this tidiness to be nothing more than a phase I’m going through; I want it to be a lifetime habit. Thus, I don’t leave anything lying around for more than 24 hours. I hereby promise to put everything away before going to bed; otherwise, no TV for me yikes !

4. Drink more water

How we hydrate impacts our health and happiness. I’m physically active and on-the-go so staying hydrated is essential. When you drink water naturally sourced and packaged with positivity it makes a difference. Flow Water is 100% Naturally Alkaline Spring Water and they’ve gone with a Tetra Pak, fully recyclable and easy on the earth, making Flow the perfect choice for staying hydrated. If that’s not enough to convince, to celebrate summer Flow is giving consumers a chance to win an ultimate wellness retreat weekend at with the From Canada With Love promotion. Pick up specially marked packs of Flow Water and enter your unique pin number at

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